5 Pack Resistance Loop Bands Exercise Working Out Fitness Yoga Bands Stretch Bands Elastic Bands from Home Fitness Equipment for Women Man, Booty,Leg,ABS,Back Excercises


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So easy for workout anywhereSo easy for workout anywhere

Full body workout Full body workout

How To Use




Glute Bridge Mini Band Workout


Place the band either above or below your knees. Regardless of placement, make sure you are feeling that glute engagement.Get into your starting position by laying back on the floor with your feet shoulder-width apart or feet hip-width apart.Bend your elbows to a 90-degree angle and begin to push through your heels and upper back to bring your hips up into a bridge position. Press against the band to ensure engagement.Hold at the top for a couple of seconds and slowly lower down. Repeat this movement for your desired number of reps and sets.Make sure you aren’t caving your knees in and squeeze your glutes when you reach the bridge position. Do not hyperextend your lower back and make sure you are engaging your core.

Also be performed as a single-leg exercise by lifting one foot off the ground,extending it in front of you keeping your foot flexed. Make sure you drive through your heels and upper back to fully extend your hips to engage those hamstrings.

Banded Squats With Resistance Bands


Place the band above or below the knees, keeping your stance at shoulder-width apart.Your knees should slightly press against the band in an outward motion to keep you from sliding inwards.While keeping tension on the band, slowly sit down and back, keeping your back straight, your core engaged and your chest up and lifted—facing straightforward.Carry the exercise on like a normal squat. The only difference will be the tension placed on the squat (that you should be taking on with your legs and not your arms) that the band provides.Once you reach the lowest point of your squat (try to get around 90 degrees with your knees or lower), hold for a 1-2 second count and then press back up through your heels, squeezing your glutes especially at the top.

Standing Kickbacks With Resistance Bands


Wrap the band around one ankle and around the mid-section of the other foot. If you need to start off with easier resistance, place them at a higher standpoint on your leg. This will make the resistance much lighter. Make sure you are standing and facing a wall or have a chair in front of you so you can maintain your balance.The leg not working should be kept on the ground and ever so slightly bent (never locked). Your other foot should be hovering above the ground and ready to be pushed or kicked behind you.While pushing, keep your hovered foot almost completely straight and keep that foot flexed. Drive your heel back, straight behind you. Once you get to the maximum distance of the push, squeeze your glute.While performing the exercise, make sure you’re not rocking forward to get the leg up higher than your normal range of motion. As we mentioned before, the distance isn’t nearly as important as the glute squeeze at the end.

Bicycle Ab CrunchesBicycle Ab Crunches



Bicycle Ab Crunches With Resistance Bands


First start the exercise by lying on your back with your knees positioned over your hips. The band should be placed around the arches of each foot.Rest your hands behind your head—but make sure that you’re not pushing your head so your chin is not on your neck. Try to keep your chin pointed straight upwards, as if there was a string from the ceiling straight down to your chin.When you’re ready, keep your knees separated slightly. Extend out your left leg and twist, so that the knee of your right leg should be heading in the direction of your left elbow. Obviously, with the resistance band, it’s hardly likely that the knee and elbow will ever touch—that’s O.K.Bring the right leg back to extension and then alternate with the left leg and right elbow.‍

Tricep Extension with mini resistance band


Stand up straight and press one end of the band to your chest with your left hand. With your right hand, press your right hand against the other side of the band into a tricep extension. Go as slowly or as fast as possible while performing this in a controlled manner. Repeat for as many reps and sets as you desire but make sure you switch sides and repeat on your left side to ensure balance.

Pull aparts with mini resistance band

Grab the band with both hands and get with your body inside the loopKeep your arms straight and your hands shoulder width apart in front of your chestPull your hands apart until you point them straight to the sidesReturn slowly to the starting position (resist against the pull of the band)

Pocket fitnessPocket fitness


There is a natural smell of latex, it will not cause any poison to the body, please don’t worry about it. If you mind, please buy with caution.To invoid oxidized, pls don’t expose the latex bands under the sun or air diretly for a long time. Pls put them inside drawstring package bag directly when not in use. Before starting any sort of exercise whether it is the conventional way or with resistance bands, you need to make sure you incorporate a warm-up into your workout routine.Warming up helps prevent injuries.The Workout Instruction is for daily relaxation and exerccise.If you experience sharp pain when you are doing workout, stop immediately and contact your healthcare provider.

【Nature Latex Material】The resistance bands are made of highest quality 100% genuine eco-friendly latex (not rubber bands which are much cheaper and tend to break easily). These bands are free of non-natural materials such as Thermoplastic Elastomer (TPE) – TPE materials cost 40% less, are not gentle to skin and much less durable.
【Safe ,comfortable & Durable】bands are comfortable, soft and easy on the skin. The only way to achieve that is to let the latex rest for a long time in tightly controlled circumstances such as temperature and humidity before making the bands.They are rigorously tested to be snap, stretch and sweat resistant.They are stronger and able to stretch further. You will feel the same resistance after a dozen reps.
【Great for any exercise】  You get 5 resistance bands set and you can combine multiple bands to find your ideal resistance.The extra light and light bands are great for beginners, Yoga, physical therapy and pilates.Three of medium, heavy and extra heavy exercise are target for strength training.general exercise, You can get suitable one for stretching, strength training, power weight programs.
【Training booklet 】Different illustrated exercises in it  that demonstrate how to use our resistance bands for legs, arms, back, shoulders, ankles, booty and stomach.They  can make girls have beautiful hips and body shape in particular
【Satisfactory Service 】We will offers  30 days unconditional money back guarantee and return and replacement warranty according to the customer service.If you have any questions, please feel free to contact our customer service,we will always be here to provide you with 24 hours

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5 Pack Resistance Loop Bands Exercise Working Out Fitness Yoga Bands Stretch Bands Elastic Bands from Home Fitness Equipment for Women Man, Booty,Leg,ABS,Back Excercises


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